Susan Brumbaugh

Susan Brumbaugh PhotoSusan was a founding member of Enchantment but moved away from Albuquerque in 2002. She re-auditioned in the summer of 2015 and began playing with the group again for the Fall 2015 season. She was first introduced to handbells accidentally in 1993, when she showed up too early for a choir practice. She has since rung at churches in Boulder (CO), Albuquerque (NM), Durham (NC), Las Cruces (NM), and in two community choirs (Enchantment and another in Colorado). She prefers ringing in the upper bass clef but also enjoys filling in wherever she’s needed.

Susan also plays the tuba and is currently a member of the Albuquerque Concert Band. She finds it difficult to ring and play tuba at the same time but is hoping to someday find a way to realize that dream.

Professionally, Susan is a criminal justice researcher, and she telecommutes to her job at RTI International. She also has a master’s degree in counseling and hopes to develop a private counseling practice one of these days.